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February 6, 2008

Doing Business in Your Bathrobe

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Believe it or not, February is Doing Business in Your Bathrobe month.

I must admit, I don’t wear a bathrobe or pyjamas while I’m working – I am fully dressed before going into the office each morning. However I realise that the theme of Doing Business in Your Bathrobe is simply a fun slant on the fact that those of us who work from home often have the freedom to choose what we wear while working – along with other freedoms.

Doing Business in Your Bathrobe was begun in the US in 2002 by WebMomz. It has since grown to be an international event to celebrate being able to work from home.

To join in these celebrations, we’re taking part in the Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Scavenger Hunt being hosted by Business Mums Network and guess what… you get the prizes!

To take part, visit my YourSmallBizExpert site and look for this logo/button in the right hand sidebar:

Business Mums Network Scavenger Hunt

You will see a question there. Have a look on that site for the answer then click on the logo which will take you to the Business Mums Network site for full details, a list of prizes to be won and entry details.

Good luck!

Here’s to your business success…


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