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July 21, 2008

Another Favourite Business Book

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Over the weekend I decided to re-read one of my favourite business books – an oldie but a goodie, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About it by Michael Gerber.

I must admit, this is one of those books that I don’t think I will ever tire of reading. It contains so many good ideas that I make a point of going over it every year or so.

In The E-Myth Revisited Michael explains that there are fundamentally three different ‘hats’ that a business owner will wear – the Entrepreneur, the Manager and the Technician. In other words, the business owner – the person who has all the ideas and sees the big picture; the business manager – the one who implements the ideas and sees that everything is running smoothly; and the mechanic who makes the products or provides the services.

As new business owners we often try to fill all three roles ourselves, but in reality we’re not doing ourselves or our business dreams any justice in doing this. We need to determine which of the three roles we are best suited to and then source partners, staff, contractors… others who can help fill the other two roles. Often it is necessary for a start-up micro-business to fill all of these roles initially however it’s a good idea to do so with a plan in place to fill the other roles as you are able to.

This book also talks about the importance of having systems in place so your business runs like a well-oiled machine and he outlines ways to help develop your venture into a turn-key business.

There are other topics mentioned in this book such as the various stages of business growth, however the two points mentioned above would have to be the main points that I have taken from The E-Myth Revisited.

In case you hadn’t already figured, The E-Myth Revisited is a book that I highly recommend every business owner or prospective business owner read at least once.

Not everyone will want their business to operate like Michael Gerber’s suggested model but it’s certainly worthwhile knowing this information.

Here’s to your success in business…



May 23, 2008

A Way With Words

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A dear friend of mine, Leonie Featherstone, has just published a fantastic book, A Way With Words… Release the Genie Within.

If you’ve ever found yourself staring blankly at the inside of a card, wondering how to put your thoughts and feelings into words… then this is the book for you.

Leonie has filled this book with verses for us to use when we’re writing inside cards… from birthday wishes to christening; moving house to bereavement; even words to say ‘thank you’ for friendship or guidance. Plus, there are lists of verbs and adjectives at the back of the book to help you to change some of the words in the suggested verses to something that seems more appropriate for the person you are writing for. Leonie’s thought of everything here!

The best thing about it for me is that they’re the type of words that I can see myself using.

A Way With Words

If you’re interested in this book, please email Leonie. It’s only $19.95 (AUD) + $2.50 for postage and packaging of one book in Australia. It makes a great gift idea too.

Here’s to your success in business…


January 2, 2008

Who else loves to read?

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I just read about Books, Glorious Books on The Modern Goddess’ blog about how much she loves reading and I just had to share this with you. In the introduction, Nicole boldly and proudly states, “I am a self-confessed book-a-holic. I have a habit of buying more than one book at a time and then stock-piling them in the corner, gathering dust while they wait patiently for me to read them.”

I’m with you Nicole… I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have a pile of books waiting their turn in the ‘to-be-read’ pile, then another virtual pile on my hard drive of all the eBooks I intend to read. Then there’s the magazines, mostly business related, that I keep in my car for those times when I’m waiting for someone. Magazines are great in situations where you may only get short burst of reading time.

What’s more, my Mum and sisters are all avid readers too so we tend to pass books on from one to another, sometimes forgetting who they originated with to begin with.

If Nicole doesn’t mind, I’m going to borrow a leaf from her book (no pun intended 🙂 ) and start reviewing books here regularly. 

Stay tuned for more… and if you’ve read a great business or personal development book that you can recommend (or a not so great book that we shouldn’t waste our time with), please share it here.

Here’s to your business success…

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